Lace Front Wig Ultimate Starter Kit

Lace Front Wig Ultimate Starter Kit

Glamorous wigs
Glamorous wigs

Lace Front Wig Ultimate Starter Kit


Lace Front Wig Ultimate Starter Kit (code:USK)
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Lace Front Wigs and Half Lace Frontals Starter Kit
For Intermediate to Expert Users. The glues recommended hold up to 5 week . Everything you need to take complete care of your lace wig Includes pre-adhesive scalp protector, Mini tapes, shampoo and Conditioner! 
This kit is great for users who remain active while maintaining your wigs best appearance. The silk conditioner is proven to be an effective tool in making your lace Front wig and Lace frontals last longer by keeping the cuticles of the hair rich with vitamins. It's a must have if you're looking to wear your wig 24/7.
instructions provided only with glamorous  front Lace Wigs


Ultimate Starter Kit
1.Ultra Hold
2. Lace support tape/ supper tape
3.Scalp protector
4.Lace release remover (Spray)
5.TDI Shampoo
6.TDI Conditioner
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